If you’re a regular in the social media industry, you’ll know that it’s challenging to keep up with what is in vogue. Online marketing is an extremely dynamic field with a daily influx of new strategies, techniques, and tools. And as such, it’s an arduous task to try and grab the social media by the scruff of the neck except you are abreast with the best online marketing books. 

Why Online Marketing Books? 

Having been in the business long enough, I can confidently tell you that no matter how long you surf the internet for killer online marketing tips, the best you’ll get is rudimentary information and nothing more. That’s if you’re prudent enough to sift the needed knowledge from the jargon available. 

The internet is clogged every day with significant amounts of irrelevant information that would be of little help to those wish to expand on their online marketing knowledge and mastery. And even though many media marketing books make their way into the online archives, there are very few which can be of significant impact. 

Being abreast of the latest media marketing techniques and tools from blogs or news is beneficial, but if you desire to endue yourself with elaborate and in-the-moment knowledge, then you should constantly have the best online marketing books of 2020 on your reading desk. 

Who doesn’t want to grow and be atop of the competition? I can’t see any hands, which means everyone wants to be at the forefront of the contest. Because of that, we have come up with a catalog of books that will not only arm you with vital strategies and tactics to thrive in the bloodthirsty media market but also offers mentorship tips for your team of marketers. 

Be it a dig into the evergreen field of social media platforms, keeping up with dynamics of conversion or improving your persuasion psyche to turn prospects to clients; these carefully selected set of online marketing books will avail you insights that will enable you to upgrade your marketing dexterity for more thriving campaigns. 

Are you set to stuff your ereader with helpful books? Or maybe you prefer them paperbacks? Whichever you choose, tag along as I hit you with my five best online marketing books of 2020.

#1. Epic Content Marketing 

By Joe Pulizzi 

When we read online marketing books, our expectations are heightened as we look forward to getting new ideas and strategies. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with most books we read, and this lowers our enthusiasm with each new book. 

However, I assure you that it’s different, with this summer slam from Joe Pulizzi. The book offers actionable clues on helpful techniques for implementing content marketing strategies. It thoroughly guides you through the analytical process of creating engaging content that psyches your customers into action in five elaborate parts. 

  • Section 1 talks about the chronological facets of content marketing with their business cases 
  • Section 2 discusses methods of aligning your developing content marketing policy with an already functional sales strategy 
  • Section 3 elaborates the content development and management process 
  • Section 4 talks on the marketing proper, how to bring your compelling content to the right reader for a better effect 
  • Section 5 shows you how to measure the efficiency of your content marketing process 

Epic Content Marketing helps you place your company in a position that makes it accessible to customers. It does this with six precepts for content creation

1.  Your content should help solve a problem or provide answers to clients’ questions

2. Your content should be released on a consistent basis 

3. Your content should be conversational, written in an engaging tone spiked with humor 

4. Your content should highlight your viewpoint and not just concurring with established facts 

5. Your content should be able to persuade customers to buy without actually telling them to 

6. Your content should be of premium quality 

If you want a book with pragmatic cues and relevant examples of how a successful content marketing campaign should be, I strongly recommend this book. 

#2. Conversion Optimization 

By Khalid Saleh and Ayat Shukairy `

Nothing drives an online content reader away like an explicit persuasion in your content. That is the central message of Khalid and Ayat in conversion optimization, convincing an online user to become a customer by using the words ‘buy’ or ‘subscribe.’ It highlights ways of increasing your customer to user ratio with the aid of marketing principles, plan, and analysis. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge e-commerce site or marketing your brand online, the book is laid out the experience of the authors from which you could pick a cue or two. Conversion optimization will teach you how to combine the needs of your target customers into a successful marketing campaign. 

 Who wants to increase their conversion rates to double digits in no time? I bet you do; here is a summary of the process from Khalid and Ayat’s conversion guide 

  1. Survey relevant case studies that exhibit substantial conversion ratio developments 
  2. Explore diverse phases of a successful sales campaign and compressed the importance of every phase 
  3. Identify with your site users by creating an engaging persona 
  4. Acquaint yourself with the techniques to handle customer FUDs (fear, uncertainties, and doubts) 
  5. Check the method online users prefer to use to get to a landing page 
  6. Establish a connection with your prospective customers using the above method 
  7. Evaluate the plan and implement changes needed 

#3. Selling the Invisible 

By Harry Beckwith 

Harry Beckwith dropped a masterpiece with this cracker, selling the invisible. The book is a concise and engaging handbook that highlights the distinct features of marketing actions and their probabilities. 

It explains how any assistance or service be it from a home office consultancy, or an international brokering agency can transform your website visitors to customers and keep them happy. This book exposes you to the rudiments and intricacies of service marketing and how to alleviate your prospects’ biggest fear, which is the fear of employing you. 

It’s loaded with powerful insights on how to unearth that invisible quality you have to offer your clients in the most detailed style. The book is written in a straightforward pattern, without jargon and is divided into small parts for easier comprehension. It further summarizes each section with a bullet point nugget at the end. 

Beckwith’s strategies are not limited to any area; it applies to all fields that work with a client showing you how they reason and how to deal with them. Unlike your regular marketing book that has common knowledge littered all over, selling the invisible is packed with ideas that you don’t know existed. 

Having gone through a litany of marketing books, I’ll recommend this one for any person who feels an inner urge to connect with the prospects without knowing how. This one right here is the masterpiece. 

#4. Social Media ROI 

By Oliver Blanchard 

Oliver Blanchard took remarkable strides towards answering some of the most disturbing questions on every online investor’s mind. These questions include – 

  • Do I need to do my business on social media? 
  • How do I get returns on the substantial investments I have made in social media marketing? 
  • How do I keep track of the investment? 

The top branding guru and marketing expert brings to light the best procedures for technique, planning, strategy execution, evaluation, analysis, and optimization in social media marketing. It will teach you how the best ways to distinguish your target impact (financially and non-financially) and the most natural means to achieve those targets. 

Social Media ROI enables tutors every online investor on how to maximize every dollar invested in social media. This you do by proffering empirical remedies for everything, including planning campaigns, connecting with prospects, and controlling emergencies. 

Everyone has a thing or two to learn from this book, whether you’re a start-up or multinational enterprise. You will be taught how to –

  1. Plan a productive evaluation of performance 
  2. Create a clear conception, objective and execution strategy 
  3. Implement actions and approaches for productive social media management
  4. Align public communications for larger business objectives and tasks 
  5. Evaluate your Frequency, reach and yield (FRY) 
  6. Utilize social media influence to render optimized client assistance    
  7. Incorporate social media into brand innovative, short term campaigns and long term agendas. 

#5. Digital Marketing for Dummies 

By Ryan Deiss and Hennesberry 

The book, which was touted to be the best marketing book of 2017, has finally made our list of best online marketing books of 2020. It is a comprehensive 300-page book that comprises the client expedition, strategic marketing planning, blogging, landing pages, data analysis, social paid display, email, and SEM

It also covers the basics of Search engine optimization SEO, while bringing to light the usefulness of the landing page which is always buried in the stash of channels as lofty-leverage in the backlink chain. They listed 57 blog-type suggestions, how to, roundup statistics, product tips, and comparison. 

In the section of the email, it suggested writing to provide answers to the questions: 

  • Why should they care? 
  • Who cares? 
  • Can you verify it?  
  • Why now? 

They proposed a reliable mechanism for visual reporting. And also it shares insights on how to incorporate the concept of SEO into various marketing media. 

To crown it all the publishers added the editors and designers team with the authors to achieve a polished book with highly sought after information not gotten from an ordinary business handbook. 

Final Word 

Much common information abounds on the internet, with finding an excellent online marketing book becoming harder than cracking a nut by the day. The internet is clogged every day with significant amounts of irrelevant information that would be of little help to those wish to expand on their online marketing knowledge and mastery

Reading refined books brings about a significant impact on your online presence and turns your prospect to client ratio to double numbers. 

What better way to start your business year than picking a book from our list of five best online marketing books of 2020 and digesting its helpful content? They are indeed the best; if you can read all, then be my guest. 

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